Chain of the Spectrum

Flashes of emerald whizzed skyward to the forest canopy. His head darted to track the sphere of light as it burst into an enormous rainbow sheet. The hues assembled into a hazy arrowhead and plunged into his chest. 

He felt busied and anxious, yet serene and calm, his mind racing between both states several times a second. A spectral symphony flooded the halls of his darkest and lightest thoughts. The deepest purples danced with sky blues. Reds morphed to magenta, then slipped into a cloud of amber. His entire body pulsed with the sheer power and the dainty frailty of the music of color.

A flash of silver brought him back to the forest floor. The previously lush greens surrounding him felt muted now. The swirling colors that had filled his mind now sat about his neck, glinting in the waning light of the afternoon.

This set includes an imposing mantle, detachable pendant (that may be worn as a brooch) and matching ring. The set is entirely silver mirror with crystals in vitrail medium – shining all the colors of the rainbow – accented with clear crystals.