Crown of the Spectrum

He raised the mirror upwards to inspect his prize. For the first time in centuries, the two pieces of this fabled puzzle were together.

“Finally. It’s mine.”

A green flicker danced across his reflection, chased by a flesh-searing chill.

“AH” he gasped, “what…what IS this?’

The mirror burst into a pane of lighting. He tried to release his grasp, but each crackling spike drew his fist tighter. A lash of emerald light extended beyond him, extinguishing the candles dotted about his study before rooting his feet to the ground.

Transfixed. Frozen.

A ghostly hand appeared far off in the distance of the sparking mirror. It raced towards him, and with a piercing clap broke through his reflection.

“No” the spectral hand retorted, “it is finally MINE.”

This imposing full-round crown is 7” tall and features vitrail medium crystals set in silver mirror.

The inside silver satin-lined foam band ensures a snug fit for a variety of head sizes: anywhere from 22 to 23.5” will be able to wear this comfortably.