Kelpie’s Reins

The salt air buffeted her face as she plummeted towards the water. A thousand invisible daggers of dread slashed inside her as panic raced from limb to limb.

One blade cut through the whirlwind and hooked her focus. A still moment of calm in the falling. A memory…

Sun caressing her fair, young skin. A helpless creature – part horse, she ponders – lying lifeless on the beach .The ocean of helplessness in its deep black eyes. The way it attempts to struggle as she drags it back to water. Its sudden restoration as she submerges the poor thing – maybe part fish – and how it swirls in the shallows about her. Gentle splashes of thanks. Giggles and laughter and frolicking. An afternoon of joy with a powerful creature five times her size – far too majestic to be capable of childsplay. Matter it does not: the innocence of a little girl prevails.

Waving goodbye at sundown and watching the waterbeast disappear. Her mother scolding her for telling tall tales.

She snapped back, her watery doom hurtling towards her. The slashes of panic returned. 

Out of the aqua wall calling her certain death rose the shape of the creature from her memory. 

“A kelpie!” She exclaimed, “it was a kelpie!”

The force of the water-being below struck her tumbling form, grappling her flailing arms and legs, pushing her into a perfect dive. She sliced into the ocean, frictionless and quiet. Sheer panic was instantly replaced with total serenity.

She slowly looked up in disbelief. She was alive and, despite being far from the water’s surface, she could see and she could breathe. The creature from her childhood bobbed gently in front of her. It seemed to nod approvingly. She nodded back and motioned a splash. Did she just hear a neigh, a giggling? They exchanged a few moments, heavy with meaning…the debt repaid.

A set in silver mirror, embellished with Lake Blue AB crystals, half pearls and clear crystals. This set includes:

  • A necklace with detachable pendant. The smaller pendants attached to the main pendant also detach
  • Earrings. The primary and secondary pendants detach, allowing you to wear the button alone. Size with primary pendant only = 6”. Size with primary and secondary pendants attached = 8.5”
  • 2 x rings