Starlight’s Envy

Frostbite gnawed at the steel carcass as the locomotive sliced through the frigid night.

Despite the single pane of glass separating them, the frosted landscape seemed like a dimension away. The oil lamps’ languid flicker bathed the coach in soft warm hues, highlighting the crushed velvet, embroidered cushions and gold gilded trims. She knew her employer was a woman of means, but a private, liveried train? ‘Fancy’ she thought, ‘very fancy indeed.’

A striking figure sauntered through the far door. Her glittering dress cut a daring, yet sophisticated silhouette as it slipped forwards and backwards across her hips. The lit cigarillo in her gloved hand cast a glow across her chest, setting her necklace ablaze in a dazzling show of twinkles.

The figure cast her gaze over to the chaise lounge and locked eyes with her. She exhaled a long, soft plume of smoke, eyeing her all the while, before cutting the low rumble of steel-on-track with a breathy tone.

“Cassandra will see you now.”

This set, finished entirely in rose gold mirror and clear crystals, includes:

  • a necklace
  • detachable pendant (that may be worn as a brooch)
  • 2 x matching rings
  • a pair of earrings. The earring dangles are detachable, allowing you to wear the buttons alone.