The Inflorescence of the Rose

The Queen Mother had always described tending garden as a war of attrition. A ceaseless battle between woman and weed. A complex relationship. A difficult dance between the nurture of beauty and the ruthless dispatch of the less-than-ideal.

Since she was a little girl, the Empress-in-waiting had been meticulously tutored in how to raise beds of flowers and raze the unwanted. Now she stood a young woman, alone in the chamber of royal treasures on the eve of her coronation.

She gazed upon the facets of the antique rose diamonds on the necklace that, just like on her mother’s coronation day, she was due to wear. Layers of gold and pink. Lines of glinting diamonds, strung with pretty pearls. Glorious – no wonder it was her mother’s favorite.

As she studied the glistening jewelry, a sudden realization washed over her like a warm wave lapping on the shore. The Queen Mother had not just been teaching her how to raise roses: she had been teaching her how to reign.

A gold and pink mirror necklace with two detachable pendants (that double as brooches) with matching earrings and two matching rings. Embellished with large rose rounds and antique pink navettes, accompanied by clusters of small, clear crystals.