The Mantle of Lost King Leon

The darkness diminished to a low, amber light.

His sword gone. His cloak: vanished. All that remained was his crown, glinting in the low light, and his bejeweled leather chain. Gifts from his father bestowed upon him when he had come of age.

The king, for the first time in recent memory, was still. The otherworldly fog lapped at his bare skin, silently cawing its siren song, drawing him nearer to the figure. Though still surrounded by darkness, he knew he was no longer in the crypt.

“Is it you, father?”

The specter swayed, its response inconclusive.

“What are you?” demanded the king.

A gold and silver genuine leather mantle, reinforced with gold and silver mirror and bejeweled with crystal aurora boreale navettes and golden shadow chatons. Fastened with a brooch/pendant in gold mirror, a large crystal aurora boreale central gem is flanked by clear crystal navettes.

Also featured: the Crown of Lost King Leon