Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to make and ship a piece?

All of our pieces are made-to-order, from scratch. Please allow 5-10 business days for the production of your piece. You will be alerted by email when your piece ships.

Where do you ship to?

We’re based in the USA and we ship internationally. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout.

Do you take commissions?

We certainly do! Please fill out our commission inquiry form here to request a quote.

What is your return policy?

Unless otherwise specified, all of our pieces are made-to-order. Therefore, we cannot accept returns, even if the pieces have not been used.

If, however, an order has broken in transit or is defective, please contact us so that we may arrange a repair or replacement.

How do you make your pieces?

The process of creating our pieces is complex, yet ensures the finest quality, durability and allows maximum customization.

Each design begins as a blank piece of paper. After multiple rounds of concept sketches, the final draft is turned into a CAD drawing, which we then laser or plasma cut in house.

The cut parts are assembled, polished, and any crystals are set. After a further polishing step, the piece is ready to be shipped.

Several prototypes are created and adjusted before a new design is made ready for sale.

What are your pieces made of?

We work in a wide range of materials, though most of our work is created in plexiglass backed with a vacuum-metalized mirror and sealed with a scratch-resistant coating. The end result is as reflective as a glass mirror, whilst being shatter-resistant and half the weight of glass, yet 17 times stronger.

Metals are used to create the bases of crowns and scepters.

90% of each design is made of custom parts cut in our Austin, TX workshop. All of our crystals are glass. We use German, Czech and Austrian crystals.

Wearable designs also feature felt or velvet backing for comfort and grip.