The Jezebel

Crystal Chameleon set. Change your colors in minutes.

A necklace, pair of earrings and two rings in a near infinite number of color combinations.

The Jezebel harbors a magical secret: all of her largest crystals can be easily removed and replaced with a different color!

Each crystal sits in a magnetized module that slips snugly into the jewelry.

It’s easy to switch out each module (using a pin) but very difficult to lose them. The Jezebel has been stress tested against copious hugs, knocks, bangs and the most acrobatic of performances.

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Magnets are embedded in The Jezebel. DO NOT WEAR THIS IF YOU HAVE A PACEMAKER.

The Jezebel is comprised of a necklace, a pair of earrings and two rings + two crystal suites

The Jezebel includes two crystal suites.

Each suite contains 20 crystal modules in a color of your choice – enough to complete the whole set in one color.

Additional suites may be purchased separately, allowing you to create unique color combos suitable for any outfit or occasion.

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